Sunday, 2 March 2014


Are you sticking to your ‘must exercise more’ New Year resolution? Or do the dark and cold nights mean you hibernate once you are home from work?

Here are 20 reasons why you should start exercising NOW. Get into the routine now and keep it up when the long spring/summer nights arrive (not too long now…).

1.       It’s energising. The hardest part is starting, once you do you won’t look back
2.       Proven to improve your mood
3.      Helps keep you warm
4.      Takes you mind off eating unhealthy food
5.      Burns calories and contributes to muscle toning
6.      Something to use as ‘alone time’ or to do with friends/ family
7.      Helps you sleep better
8.      Helps you relax and avoid stress
9.      Relieves anxiety and tension
10.   Helps build self esteem
11.    Will leave you feeling satisfied after – you will have accomplished something
12.    Helps you control your weight
13.   Helps reduce high cholesterol levels
14.   Helps reduce high blood pressure
15.   Can help your reduce or stop smoking
16.   It’s free! (not all exercise has to cost something)
17.   Boosts your immune system
18.   Improves digestion
19.   Increases bone density
20.  For the ladies – it will give you the edge whilst out shopping in the sales J

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