Sunday, 17 November 2013


After reading these next to bullet points I’ll be surprised if you aren't temped to jump into a pool there and then!

1.    Heart Helper
Swimming provides cardiovascular conditioning, provided you practice consistently and with good technique. While other forms of exercise may be more effective at elite levels (such as running or cycling); incorporating swimming into your exercise routine and pushing yourself, will definitely result in overall improved fitness.
2.    Balance Your Build
Swimming helps build longer leaner muscles which complement the shorter denser muscles that develop from weight training. These "swimmer's muscles" also help boost metabolism to keep calories burning longer and flexibility.
3.    Cross-training
Swimming not only boosts cardiovascular capacity while increasing muscle strength, but it also gives your body a break from higher-impact activities.
4.    Increased Flexibility
A heated pool relaxes muscles, increasing flexibility and enabling important stretching. Also, after intense lactic-acid-building endurance workouts (running, cycling, weights), an easy swim helps flush out toxins preventing muscle tightness and soreness the following day. Flexibility is essential to protect your muscles from injury.
5.    Strengthen Your Core
Swimming helps develop core body strength because it utilizes all the body's muscles simultaneously. Although 70 percent of a swimmer's effort comes from the upper body, kickboard and fin workouts can provide an excellent leg workout.
6.    Endurance
With swimming you can sustain the activity longer in comparison to other activities. With the right technique, you can exercise for longer periods of time compared than if you were running and, as a result, more calories are burned.
7.    Weight Loss
Like with any form of exercise, if you burn more calories compared to those ingested you will loose weight; however the important thing to consider with swimming is the fact that if you practise frequently it will help muscle tome and cardiovascular and overall fitness. Keep in mind though, as with any form of exercise, the more you push and challenge yourself the better results you will achieve.
8.    Not affected by weather
The great thing about swimming is it can be done in any weather, wheter it be freezing and snowing or 40C! Throughout the winter months swimming is a great way to exercise as you can’t use the ‘it’s too cold’ excuse because indoor pools are always heated, as are the changing rooms. During the summer months you can’t use the ‘it’s too hot to exercise’ excuse because indoor pools temperatures are adjusted; plus there are some clubs which do outdoor swimming.
9.    Not expensive
To go swimming all you need is a swim, a pair of goggles (I would definitely recommend you use them) and a swimming hat. Of course there are quite expensive items but there are also cheaper versions and just as good quality. If you decide to go swimming frequently it will make more sense if you tae out membership at your local leisure centre; most leisure centres are very reasonably prices and offer family deals and reduced fees for local residents.
10.  Escape route
I find swimming an excellent escape route. When you’re swimming you can’t talk or be talked to, there is also no way you can have any technology present such as your mobile phone, laptop or ipod. I personally think this is great, you can completely switch off from the ‘outside world’ and concentrate purely on your workout.

Whatever your reason, or whatever the excuse of a friend or partner, that swimming has not been incorporated into your consistent fitness routine, hopefully the list above has shown you how this sport can add to your quality of life.

Consider making a positive change and research the swimming opportunities in your community today!

Swimming is a fun, rigorous, and effective fitness workout – so join you’re local centre NOW!

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